New season of podcast OmniTalks about authentic leaders

August 31, 2023

Our podcast, OmniTalks is here with a new season! In the fourth season, OmniTalks: authentic leaders we look at the person behind the business professional.

Working at the very highest level requires drive and a focus on results. Who are the people who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their field? Based on their three favorite music fragments, quotes, or items, we talk to these business professionals about who they are and what drives them. What motivates them to continue their pursuit, even after setbacks? Why have they made certain choices and how do they deal with their pressures as a leader?

What is OmniTalks?

OmniTalks is a podcast series by Omnicom PR Group Netherlands in partnership with New Business Radio, where we hear from guests that span different parts of society, such as politics, healthcare, and business, and get to know them better through excerpts of music, books, speeches and more.

For example, in season one OmniTalks: the Parliamentary Candidates, we spoke with Candidate Member of Parliament in 2021 April Ranshuijsen (GroenLinks), who has had a progressive muscle disease since childhood and has been using a wheelchair as a result. She shared her favorite quote by Gandhi: “Strength does not come from physical abilities, it comes from an indomitable will”.

In season three of OmniTalks: Healthcare specialists, we spoke with Marion Koopmans, Professor of Virology at Erasmus MC and part of the Outbreak Management Team during the COVID pandemic. She told us about her love of art and the parallels she sees between art and science – experimenting, researching and raising important issues, even when abrasive.

How can you participate?

The new season of OmniTalks: authentic leaders will be broadcast on New Business Radio and available afterwards on BNR’s podcast platform and all known podcast channels. We’re able to reach a good-sized audience, with an average of 20,000 listeners per episode!

Are you or do you know an inspiring, authentic business leader who would jump at the opportunity to represent their organization as a thought leader? Then contact our colleague Iris Jellema and maybe you could be our next guest.


Season three of OmniTalks: Specialists in healthcare

In ‘OmniTalks: healthcare specialists’, our health communication experts talk to three healthcare specialists. What drives them to dedicate themselves to the health of other human beings? And who are they the moment they take off their doctor’s coat?