ESG Communications

Less than 10 years ago, planting a tree was considered a noble activity to offset CO2 emissions. How different this is now. An ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policy with concrete goals, measurable results, and transparent reporting is a prerequisite for earning the trust of consumers, investors, and policymakers. Engaging authentically and proactively with your key stakeholders is necessary to strengthen your brand and company.

OPRG has in-depth insights into the expectations of various stakeholder groups regarding your organization’s ESG policy. We help organizations align internal ambitions with external expectations through effective communication to strengthen their brand and organization in the field of ESG.


Employees, governments, and financial institutions expect organizations to add sustainable value to society. New regulations are rapidly being introduced, including the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The EU is also tightening advertising rules, making it possible to penalize greenwashing more severely. Additional laws and societal demands related to ESG reporting are expected in the near future, especially concerning social factors such as a company’s diversity and accessibility. Even the financial industry is imposing stricter ESG requirements for lending and investments. Consumers are becoming more conscious of how they spend their money and activist stakeholders are making their voices heard. Companies and brands that proactively respond to these expectations and demands gain more trust and relevance.


How can you achieve this? With a clear ESG policy, a well-defined action plan, and open dialogue with stakeholders, your organization can stand out. Together, we will make this happen with a straightforward, yetwell thought out 3-step plan:

1 ESG Stakeholder Scan & Analysis

Identify exactly who influences your company and brand, such as politicians, academics, NGOs, customers, partners, and employees. Together, we create a stakeholder map, providing insights into the position, influence, and expectations of your key stakeholders. This will help us exceed their expectations and strengthen your reputation.

2 ESG Engagement Programme

Using the insights mentioned above, we will minimize the gap between stakeholders’ expectations and experiences. We’ll create a tailored strategic ESG Engagement program, prioritizing stakeholders and engaging in dialogues with the most significant impact. This may occur behind closed doors or in public forums. The program can include strategic lobbying with politicians and governments, dialogues with NGOs, briefing sessions with journalists, and internal communications in order to inspire and motivate employees to contribute to progress and create a positive impact.

3 Active ESG Communication

Effective support for your ESG policies and actions, both internally and externally, is only possible when stakeholders understand and resonate with your story. We will help you tell your unique ESG story in a compelling and convincing way, despite rapid developments and high complexity. Together, we will determine the best platforms and forums for sharing your story and engaging in dialogue, demonstrating that your ESG story is more than just words.

Through these three steps, we help you mitigate risks, seize opportunities, and strengthen your reputation. Authenticity and proactivity are our guiding principles throughout this process.



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