What we do

All communication disciplines to build relations with the public

Reputation management is at the core of what we do. We help organizations to listen to their stakeholders (both internal and external), reach out to them, understand what they are saying and offer advice on how to respond.

We strongly believe that fostering your reputation requires much more than sending out messages and occasionally listening to what your stakeholders are saying. Our reputation model resembles the infinity symbol because it’s an ever ongoing process. It symbolizes the relationship between an organization and society. That relationship is dynamic as elastic. For an organization, it’s always about reaching out to society – in the case of consumer activism or change of sentiment – and doing something meaningful with feedback.


That is why we believe in a data-informed approach to our work. To really understand your audience, we use the power of insights from both quantitative and qualitative data. Our research specialists always start by laying a foundation of insights to build our creative work up on.

Our focus is on bringing the outside world in. This means we pre-test strategies and content where possible. It also means that we continuously measure the impact of our work so we keep learning and optimizing.

But this analytical approach does not stand alone. We explicitly combine it with our vast experience in helping companies communicate successfully.

We create impact in every phase of the reputation management process by combining the best of both worlds: data analysis and more than a century’s worth of communications expertise.

Whether you are in the process of finding your authentic voice, ready to share it or are struggling on how to deal with commotion, we look after your reputation every step of the way.


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