Healthcare Communications

Healthcare is on the move. The pandemic, geopolitical conflicts and the energy crisis are affecting the lives of us all. We see these accelerate numerous existing and emerging health care trends, particularly around health equity and sustainability.

The questions of today’s healthcare leaders

How can we manage consequences that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic, with shortages of medical supplies on the one hand and shortages of skilled health workers on the other? How can we ensure adequate, comprehensive, affordable and accessible healthcare for all? These are the types of questions healthcare leaders are asking today. We believe that strategic communications and employee engagement enables healthcare organizations to meet society’s demands, while also reiterating their position as a trusted organization, an authentic leader and a great employer.

Over the next years, we expect more institutions (such as NzA and Zorginstituut Nederland), politicians, payers and journalists will take a closer look at healthcare organizations in terms of how they fulfil their role in society. Especially with new developments, such as the planned recalculation of the Medicines Reimbursement System (GVS) in the Netherlands. As a result, public affairs and issue preparation will become even more important.

Our approach to healthcare communications

Our approach is driven by sharp strategies, bold creativity and know-how of local regulations. As healthcare shifts, we continue to bring you the best in healthcare communications – supported by a team of experienced professionals with expertise in:

  • Disease awareness campaigns
  • Brand and product launches
  • Public affairs
  • Issues preparedness
  • Employee engagement
  • Culture activation programmes and change
  • Employer branding campaigns

We work closely with leading healthcare organizations in the industry, including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices, Hospital & Healthcare providers.



Season three of OmniTalks: Specialists in healthcare

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