Season three of OmniTalks: Specialists in healthcare

What drives you to dedicate yourself to the health of fellow human beings? With this question we start the third season of our podcast OmniTalks, in which health communication experts at Omnicom PR Group speak with three well-known healthcare specialists.

Based on their three favourite music fragments, texts or objects, we enter a conversation to get to know the person behind the specialist. How are they committed to healthcare? Who are they the moment they take off their doctor’s coat? Why did they choose these particular objects or fragments? And what does that say about them?


Ted van Essen is a former general practitioner, founder of the Dutch Influenza Foundation and flu expert. We mainly know him as TV doctor Ted at ‘Omroep MAX’, a Dutch public broadcaster, where he informs viewers in a few minutes about the most diverse illnesses and diseases. In episode 1, Hagar Jobse, editor at Omnicom PR Group, talks to him about his Christian Reformed youth, his time in America and the secrets of healthy aging.


Janneke Wittekoek is a cardiologist and specializes in the female heart. She has her own clinic in Utrecht, writes books and is regularly featured in the media. When she is not working, she is at home with her family. In episode 2, Marly van Bragt, Senior Account Lead at Omnicom PR Group, talks to her about the differences between heart disease in men and women, combining a busy job with young children and recognizing stress.


The corona pandemic made our third guest a well-known Dutchwoman. As a member of the Outbreak Management Team, virologist Marion Koopmans was on TV every day. She is professor of Virology at Erasmus MC, a university medical centre in Rotterdam, and conducts research into the transmission of viruses from animals to humans. She won several awards for her role in containing infectious diseases Zika and Ebola. Daniëlle Friskes, Business Director Health and Biotech at Omnicom PR Group, speaks to her about her love for art and photography, her sudden fame and the book her son wrote about her.

The episodes of the podcast ‘OmniTalks: administrators in healthcare’, made in collaboration with New Business Radio, will be available after the live broadcast on all known podcast channels such as SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Previous season one ‘OmniTalks: the chamber candidates’ and season two ‘OmniTalks: administrators in healthcare’ can also be listened to in Dutch on these channels.

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