Two EMEA SABRE Awards 2023 nominations for Omnicom PR Group NL

We are happy to announce that we are nominated again for two SABRE awards in 2023! This year in two categories, namely ‘Tourism & Travel’ and ‘Specialist audience: Marketing to Men’.

easyJet pleads for more sustainable and fair ticket tax

In 2022, the Dutch government announced its plans to triple the flight tax in the Netherlands. easyJet supports fair taxation, provided it incentivizes sustainability in the aviation sector. OPRG helped easyJet bring their message across, through an integrated PA and PR approach. The core message was: include a ‘polluter pays principle’ in the flight tax. New policy updates, which are in line with easyJet’s suggestions, are currently being investigated by the cabinet. 

Philips OneBlade’s quest for authenticity and style

Together with Philips, Team Gullit and OMD, we are nominated for a SABRE Award in the category ‘Specialist audience: Marketing to Men’. We helped the Philips OneBlade team reach their target audience by focusing on the core message to find your own personal style. E-sports was used as a vehicle to reach the young audience and Ruud Gullit, legendary soccer player and owner of a Dutch e-sports team, was the voice of authenticity and unique style in this campaign. In a very personal video, he and his son talk about their own style and expression over the years. The campaign was completed with a media and influencer launch event, including FIFA game battles and more!

We are looking forward to the EMEA SABRE Awards ceremony on March 23rd.