Omnicom PR Group NL wins international SABRE Awards 2024!

April 17, 2024

In 2024, we at Omnicom PR Group are very proud to share that we have won two EMEA SABRE Awards! The SABREs are prestigious international awards that stand for Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement. And we have already won the first award!

How three words can make a difference in employee engagement

In the ‘Healthcare – Medical Technology’ category, Philips Image-guided Therapy (IGT) together with Omnicom PR Group shines with an award for their heartwarming case ‘Three Kind Words’. This employee engagement campaign demonstrates the power of kindness and recognition in times of change.

How a fenced-in company achieves more connection with society

Together with Charles River Laboraties (CRL) we won an EMEA IN2 SABRE award in the category ‘Combatting Disinformation’! It’s for the inspiring case ‘Bringing down the walls: How a fenced-in company opens up to society’. The case was also nominated for a SABRE award in the category ‘Corporate Reputation – Institutional Image’.

The company faced the challenge to increase public understanding of their research innovations for consumer safety, amidst growing criticism from society on the use of animal testing and the hermetically sealed laboratories. We supported CRL in their dialogue with society through a bold approach, including engaging and transparent ‘Lab Talks’ with various stakeholders, and proactive conversations with politicians and government. Being more transparent as a company, after each round of dialogue has led to a significant shift in the perception of CRL’s daily safety research and their contribution to society.

The IN2 SABRE Awards focus on innovation and insight, and celebrate the innovative aspects of communication campaigns ahead of the other nominations. We are proud of this recognition of our commitment to transparency and dialogue at a time when this is more necessary than ever. Congratulations to Charles River Laboratories on this splendid award!

Finally, we are also very proud of our client Mastercard. They have won an IN2 SABRE award in the category ‘Podcasts + Music’ for ‘The Pride Side’: a podcast about inclusivity, for which we were responsible for the PR approach. Besides that, this case is also still in the race as a nomination for the category ‘Inclusive Marketing’.