Guiding brands through change: future-proofing communication

April 25, 2024

The ‘Change Decoded 2024’ report by our colleagues at Porter Novelli informs and inspires us as communicators to take a deep look at what drives brands or organisations and their stakeholders. We need to look around us and ahead of us in order to help bring about positive change. Guiding brands and organisations through change is what we stand for as Omnicom PR Group in the Netherlands.

Navigating the AI landscape internally

The report shows us that doing business in an AI powered era requires more emotional intelligence than ever, as we explore how to best incorporate it into our lives and work. When we can shortcut repetitive tasks or get to a baseline of understanding faster, it frees up extra time to build stronger connections. So what can we take from the report as communicators? We can successfully use AI to deepen our relationships with the audiences that matter most to us.

Understanding the external communication ecosystem

With so much change around us, communicators can stand out among peers by better understanding audiences’ drivers and complex realities. This means that at OPRG we use data intelligence to truly understand audiences in order to uncover groups of dynamic ecosystems and seek local perspectives. We do this while at the same time recognising individual differences so that we can achieve greater authentic engagement and credibility.

Looking forward: strategizing for impactful change

There is a continuing need to address big global societal issues and this report shows us that the time is ripe for organisations to engage in collective problem-solving. Brands that use their knowledge and connections to mobilize change in authentic and impactful ways can help build sustainable value and stand out of the crowd. We help and challenge brands and organisations to ask themselves the key question: ‘What specific steps will I need to take in 2024 to leverage my organisation’s differentiating strengths and bring meaningful change in the areas that matter most to my stakeholders?’


Research into sustainable business operations: Put people first

Research by our sister agency Daggerwing shows that sustainability initiatives should be approached fundamentally differently than other strategies according to more than 60% of respondents. Our ESG experts discuss what we should learn from this.