The culture at OPRG: Safe but dynamic

July 26, 2022

From the variety of the work, international network to working together in friendly teams, there are plenty of reasons why working at Omnicom PR Group (OPRG) is great fun. But what do Joost, Marly, Nathalie and Noa think about working at OPRG? In a series of blogs, consisting of three episodes, they tell you about it. This week: the culture on the work floor.

Open and safe atmosphere

Joost, Marly, Nathalie and Noa all agree on one thing: the atmosphere at OPRG is very open. Joost: “It is the first firm in my long career where people dare to say what has gone wrong, without being judged for it. It is a very safe working environment to work in, but also to develop in.” Nathalie adds, “There is no hierarchical culture. So if I think of something or want to discuss something with, for example, someone from the MT (management team) or even the MD (Managing Director), I can actually always call or walk in.”

Marly: “Everyone is indeed very accessible and approachable. We all have a lot of ambition and are very motivated. But in addition, we are also very interested in each other. So the best of both!”

“What I noticed very much right away is that everyone is very friendly” Noa said. “In addition, it feels very much like we are all one team. The fact that we have a stand-up with the MD twice a week contributes to that. “

OPRG in a few words 

At OPRG, we are confident in our abilities and, in doing so, we are very open to the opinions of others. We understand that those diverse opinions must be used to sharpen our own ideas. So we are honest and critical of ourselves, but also of others. We say what we think and discuss it openly. It is precisely by being so transparent that others can trust us and feel safe. As a result, this trusting environment creates an atmosphere where there is room for humor and relaxation. We take our work very seriously, but we take ourselves a lot less so. Disarming, empathetic, investigative and convincing are the words with which OPRG describes itself. What do Joost, Marly, Nathalie and Noa say about OPRG in their own words?

Noa: “Open, understanding and ambitious”.

Joost: “Modern and classic, let’s just leave it at that. Sometimes you notice that there is a lot of history behind this company; very classic PR. But then there are also people who try many new things. I think I like that combination best.”

Marly: “Enthusiastic, curious and ambitious.”

Nathalie: “Dynamic because it is very varied, every day is different. Flexible because you can and should really plan your own time. That means that you sometimes have to work through the weekend, but you can compensate for that with some hours off on Friday afternoons. And, of course, a pleasant working atmosphere.

Let me introduce you

Joost is Creative Strategy Director (CSD) and has been working for OPRG for about five months now. As CSD, he is responsible for the creative strategy of campaigns. What does the client want to achieve and what is needed to do so? Joost then comes up with a positioning idea and a strategic platform. This in turn is translated into a concept.

Marly is Senior Account Lead and has worked at OPRG for almost five years. She is the first point of contact for clients. Based on the client’s request, she then comes up with a strategic campaign. She then works with her team to bring this to a successful conclusion.

Nathalie has been working for OPRG for almost three years now and is a Client Advisor. She is a true generalist and works for a variety of clients, from corporate to lifestyle. She is also an all-rounder in terms of tasks. Making a strategic communication advice, marketing, organizing events, influencer marketing and content marketing, she does it all. In addition, she maintains media relations for many clients.

Noa is a Client Executive and has been working for OPRG for almost six months now. He usually works for five different clients at the same time. No two days are the same. One day he writes a press release and updates the media list, another day he does research and maintains contact with


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