Philips' global brand sustainability campaign: Care Means The World

The impact healthcare has on our planet is immense. As a driver of sustainable healthcare, Philips recognizes its responsibility for people and planet. Philips has a vast track record of sustainable solutions and has been carbon neutral since 2020.  Additionally, Philips has ambitious goals for 2025 to mitigate climate change because it believes that people can’t be healthy when the world around them isn’t healthy.

This campaign is not about healthcare. It is not about sustainability. It is about sustainable healthcare. Because to Philips, care means the world.

By Omnicom for Philips: strategy by Omnicom PR Group, creation by TBWA.


The initial brief was to push the BlueSeal Helium Free MR Magnet, a new developed MRI scanner. During the process it became clear that Philips has far more proofpoints when it comes to sustainable healthcare and was in need of a larger, overarching sustainability communications. This led to a new brief with a clear task: Create a long-term brand sustainability platform for Philips that will re-position Philips as the worldwide driver in healthcare sustainability practices.


Research confirms the immense impact healthcare has on our planet. The sector is responsible for almost 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and has a carbon footprint equivalent to 514 coal-fired power plants. Yet, people aren’t identifying sustainability as a critical issue for healthcare, as the focus remains (and rightly so) on saving peoples’ lives when it comes to immediate healthcare needs. If we do not take responsibility for our environment today, more people will be sick in the future. People who then need care. This dilemma was the core of our strategy and led to the insight that people can’t be healthy if our planet isn’t healthy too. Sustainable healthcare is the only way forward. In fact, acting responsibly as a healthcare professional towards our planet is an extension of the Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm’.
So, our goal was clear: make healthcare professionals aware of this dilemma and how Philips can help to mitigate the impact of healthcare on our planet.

To achieve this, we developed the creative platform ‘Care means the world’ that positions Philips as the driver of sustainable healthcare. This message was brought to our audience: healthcare professionals worldwide, calling upon them to join us in mitigating climate change through healthcare.
The campaign was launched in Chicago, during RSNA 2024 and is now being rolled out globally. The long-term, global brand sustainability campaign is built on a message house that carries all current Philips’ proofpoints, making sure the campaigns is not about ads, but acts.


We all have a place in nature that we particularly love and where we feel great. These are the places patients typically long to go back to once they are not a patient anymore. Local photographers accompanied ex-patients around the world and portrayed them in their special. This allowed us to capture (without travelling) very authentic and spontaneous images that we used to create the hero campaign film, ‘The Patients’.

This impactful film was launched in the light of RSNA 2024 in Chicago, surrounded by out of home advertising, online and social advertising, press releases, internal communications, articles, leadership/exec posts, key notes and congress booths.

The launch was followed up by the local markets, starting with The Netherlands where a carefully balanced 360-campaign aimed to raise awareness for the driving position Philips holds in sustainable healthcare.


At this moment research is being conducted regarding the results.