MSD: Employee Recruitment Campaign at Boxmeer


A company is only as good as its employees. Which is why it is crucial to effectively identify and communicate a vision that will attract candidates who align with these values. And while MSD is a devoted employer in the Netherlands, as well as producer of many well-known vaccines, competition with other employers is fierce. Omnicom PR Group in the Netherlands partnered with MSD on their journey to build an attractive employer brand, extend their vision to the local community and create career opportunities.

Our main focus was to increase awareness for MSD as a company, as well as an attractive employer where people can make an impact on future global healthcare. Ultimately resulting in job applications for the hundreds of positions that needed to be filled.


Dat Verandert Alles

Omnicom PR Group designed a visual campaign, with a creative concept framed around the phrase “Dat verandert alles’ (This changes everything). Based on the culture and mission of MSD, we developed a strategy that would increase awareness as an attractive loyal employer and appeal to prospective employees for their new facility in Boxmeer.

Online and offline campaign

To ensure an integrated and widespread reach throughout the city of Boxmeer, we divided our campaign phases into a combination of online and offline marketing strategies. Our online approach focused on platforms such as google SEA, google Display and YouTube pre-rolls advertising. Simultaneously, the offline channel mix included billboards next to the A73 and A50 highway, advertisements in local newspapers and placing ad boards to public transportation halts. During this campaign, continuous measurement ensured optimization of our tactics to make sure we reached the right target audience. 

Our workforce represents the people we serve 

One of the major key components of the campaign was humanizing the experience through photography. By implementing a series of authentically captured images of current MSD employees, we created a storyline around the workforce culture and provided insight into one of their core missions for employee engagement: Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).



This strategy demonstrated a significant success, not only inspiring 560 job applications but reaching more than 2.6 million individuals overall in three months’ time. In terms of our digital campaign, there was a reach of 27.000 people via Google SEA, 1.2 million via Google ads and 1.4 million via YouTube advertising. This targeted media engagement resulted in 1.400 apply clicks on the MSD website, of which 40% became a job application.


Through this campaign, we definitely reached our goal of increasing awareness for MSD as an attractive local employer. National reach with both external and internal positive feedback was achieved through online and offline campaigning.


The recruitment campaign was recognized at the top of the list of MSD recruitment campaigns globally, proving to have delivered a favorable outcome.