Launching a brand-new omnichannel retail formula during lockdown

“The organisation of a highly interactive digital event during lockdown”


A brand-new retail formula, representing the shopping of the future, was planning its world premiere in the Netherlands. Our challenge was to introduce this innovative omnichannel retail formula to the Dutch media with a bang, with the additional challenge of being featured in tier 1 daily news.


OPRG ensured a thorough and well-considered preparation and approach. We monitored the media and maintained short lines of communication with both the client and key stakeholders. We also warded off threatening issues about e.g., assumed negative consequences for employment due to the use of robots and high-tech.

OPRG was preparing a very inviting, warm low-key face-to-face event for journalists from key media when the Netherlands went into lockdown again, due to COVID-19. Thanks to smart shifting we were able to offer the flexibility to transform the entire plan into an at least equally engaging online event, in no time.

The digital event was a clever, optimal combination of live streaming and pre-recorded video, with a continuing storyline, seamlessly flowing across the live and pre-recorded elements. The COO and CMO of the company welcomed attendees live from their joint living room, while enjoying the special selection of their products they had received at home in advance. From there, viewers got to experience a near real-life virtual tour of the store and behind the scenes. The complete product order and pick-up journey via the app, the futurist warehouse, the robots in the Pick-up Shop were shown, and ended live in the studio. The world premiere wrapped up with a live Q&A. The highly interactive nature of the event enabled attendees to experience the shopping of the future themselves, at their home office desk or from the couch in their living room.


OPRG media trained the CCO and CMO, created the narrative, messaging, national and local press releases, speaker notes, bios, scripts and facilitated the media Q&A. Beside the results below we also generated attention and coverage of several important media from Belgium, France and Germany.



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