Braskem: interactive pop-up store about bio-based plastics

“Increasing knowledge and awareness about bio-based plastics amongst Dutch consumers”


Braskem is a Brazilian petrochemical company and the world’s largest biopolymer producer, producing bio-based plastic made from sugarcane. Braskem wants and needs to be clear about their own responsibility, and leading role, in the plastic transition towards a more sustainable future. However, consumer research conducted by OPRG together with Motivaction in 2021, shows that 57% of the Dutch population has never heard of bio-based plastic. Additionally, 81% of Dutch find the different types of sustainable plastics confusing.

As a result of this research, Braskem decided to take on a pioneering role in the sector. Through a consumer activation, the company wanted to increase the general knowledge and awareness about the role that bio-based plastics can play in a CO2-neutral plastics industry. The challenge here was that Braskem is a B2B player and was therefore not in direct contact with Dutch consumers.


We created the first pop-up store about bio-based plastic at Rotterdam Central station. By inviting people to the experience and learn about the future of plastic and bio-based plastics, Braskem showed leadership and initiative. We also showed that the transition to a more sustainable plastic sector has already begun and that we can all contribute, together.

The pop up store at Rotterdam Central, open from 7 – 29 November, 2022, offered an educational and interactive experience where the green impact of bio-based plastic was brought to life. Visitors discovered how the natural renewable material, sugarcane, is transformed into a bio-based plastic end product, from milk bottle to underwear. The senses of visitors were stimulated, as the entire production process could be experienced by tasting, feeling, seeing and hearing.

The pop-up store also physically showed which products could be found in consumers’ homes, such as shoes, toys or packaging bottles; making the newly learned information tangible and real for visitors. A highlight of the route was the 3D printer, with which the city of Rotterdam was built from recycled plastic day by day.

A campaign on LinkedIn attracted visitors and created buzz about the plastics transition and news about the opening of the pop-up store reached various trade, consumer and news media. Harm Edens from Business News Radio (BNR) interviewed industry experts in an extensive programme on bio-based plastics, live from the pop-up store. This led to more media exposure that even reached the European Commissioner.


With the pop-up experience and campaign, we contributed to increased knowledge and awareness of the plastic transition and the role of bio-based plastics in the Netherlands.

Results in a nutshell:

  • 26 placements in trade, consumer and news media (online, print, social, tv, radio and broadcast) with a total potential reach of more than 4.3M
  • Almost 1.500 visitors in only 3 weeks
  • 100% of visitors say they will be more plastic-conscious after the event

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