24 hours offline with Fitbit

In our daily lives we demand a lot of ourselves. We have to be successful, be liked on Instagram, have the perfect relationship, experience as much as possible, maintain a long list of relationships and be switched “on” 24/7. We push ourselves, constantly, until we lose the balance and fall mentally and physically over the edge. Fortunately, there is Fitbit: the one that – if you don’t – continuously takes care of you, 24 hours – fully dedicated. Fitbit provides you with a better insight into your health and how you can improve it. Fitbit is the better version of yourself. The one who provides balance and the one who keeps you in balance.

This idea played a central role in the launch of the latest Fitbit model: Fitbit Versa 2.

The idea was to organize the ultimate day of balance for a group that is very much in need of it: young influencers. Like most millennials, they are constantly switched “on” and continously feel the pressure of likes, smiles and comments. How nice would it be to temporarily cut off their connection to that hectic world and give them the opportunity to come back to themselves? With that intention, 18 influencers embarked on a relaxing day on the Dutch island Texel. The icing on the cake was special guest and host Victoria Koblenko. The challenge: go offline for 24 hours and recover physical and mental balance. With on everyone’s wrist: the new Versa 2, which monitored all the healthy activities and translated data into valuable tips for a healthy lifestyle. Under the guidance of Victoria, the group made a boat trip, spotted seals, ate delicious vegan food at the sheep farm “De Waddel”, cycled around the island and, finally, participated in an intense SUP and surf session at “Paal 17”.

The influencers experienced firsthand the impact of the Fitbit Versa 2 on their health. The intense adventure during the day provided wonderful personal insights and special content. Their experiences eventually reached a large group of followers and confirmed the message that the new Fitbit Versa 2 is the wearable that contributes to a balanced lifestyle.


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