2022 client survey results: how we continuously invest in taking the next step

November 30, 2022

At Omnicom PR Group NL we conduct an annual survey asking our clients how they experience working with our teams and the work we deliver. Besides our daily client contact, this input of a representative group of clients helps us to continuously improve and ensure we offer top-tier quality and added value.

How do our clients perceive our partnership? What do they think about our capabilities and the quality of our work? And how do they feel about the chemistry with the team? An efficient, as well as enjoyable, partnership is something we value highly!

Based on the latest results of the 2022 survey among over 20 key clients, we’re pleased to learn our clients give us an average of 8.4 out of 10 score! The results also show a steady increase in the past 3 years, which – especially with the COVID years that were challenging for all – we consider a great team effort.

“Our team at Omnicom does not sugarcoat feedback. Feedback is professional and honest, which brings the most value.”

Client quote

We thank our clients who have taken the time to provide us with this important input. And as there’s always room to improve, based on the clients’ constructive feedback our teams create a pragmatic plan of approach to incorporate the insights into their daily work.

Aligned with the client survey, our consultants also take an internal survey focused on team work, personal development and quality of work. This ensures we continuously build the best client teams while taking the personal development goals of individual consultants into account. With a steady increase in the past years and an average 8.3 out of 10 score, we’re happy to keep investing in Omnicom PR Group NL as a Best Place to Work.