There is music in the air!

To make a head start with new energy, at Omnicom PR Group we compiled a playlist with songs that provide us with positive vibes: The Omnicom PR Groove.

Everything went a bit differently than planned in 2020. At Omnicom PR Group, from one day to the next, we no longer sat behind our desk in our familiar building on the W. H. Keesomlaan in Amstelveen overlooking the Johan Cruyff Arena. All of a sudden we were sitting at home behind our laptops. Some of us, because of lack of space, at the kitchen table or, as in my case, under my son Ko’s (10) bunk bed. We waved at our clients and one another through a small screen. We were apart, but also together.

Dancing like Desmond

The fact that even this way of working together leads to extraordinary achievements with great results, makes us insanely proud. We secretly feel a little like Desmond Tutu, the master of the connection. Even in his old age he still does a happy dance when he is delighted.

Is there a better metaphor for our profession and our relationship with our clients than dancing? In most cases, it comes down to constantly moving forward with each other and understanding exactly where the other person wants to go. And, more importantly, where they do not want to go.

Gift to the client

But you don’t just move together. The atmosphere has to be there first. This requires the right selection of the right songs, which often includes a nice story. We asked our colleagues about which number was central to them in 2020.

This led to a list of gems that we offer to our clients as a personal gift and thank you for the fine cooperation this past year. An ideal list to play while working from home, packed with special songs and accompanying stories.

For example, Eli Schim van der Loeff chooses ‘Here comes the Sun’ by The Beatles. In 2020 he was planning to go to a concert by Paul McCartney – finally to perform in the Netherlands. “Together with my father, who is a huge fan and has never seen McCartney live. But unfortunately, that concert was cancelled as a result of corona. However for me the message remains that there are still so many beautiful other things in life. The sun always rises.”

Keep on going

Or what about the tip by Chéline Ruhof-de Vries: ‘Stop This Fame’ by Celeste. The song encouraged her to press on. Literally in sports, but also figuratively in the (still) bizarre year that 2020 was. So: ‘Tell me to stop but I keep on going, you’ll never stop this flame’.

Mirjam Achthoven is a fan of ‘Talkin’ Bout a Revolution’ by Tracy Chapman. “Because I feel like the world has changed over the past year. There was a type of ‘revolution’ taking place. We suddenly had to work differently, develop different kinds of friendships and interact differently with one another. We also learned to appreciate small, simple things much more instead of, for example, making big trips and going to parties.”

Thunder only happens when it’s raining

Suzanne Stofberg goes for ‘Dreams’ from Fleetwood Mac. Thunder only happens when it’s raining is an insanely beautiful quote. “I’ve always thought so! It reminds me that there is always a positive side to the coin, even though it sometimes seems grim and you may not see that side right away. It’s also just a wonderful sing-along!”

‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone may not be the ultimate New Year’s song, explains Danielle Friskes. “However, I think it is a super-motivating song and is the symbol of hard-won, often personal victories and a new beginning. I see it as an ideal soundtrack for a prosperous 2021.”

Then in Paradiso

Rosalinde van der Wall rediscovered ‘Say so’ by Allen Stone who she once saw performing for the first time in a small room of the Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso. “I then attended two more concerts by him and I even got the chance to meet him. What a great artist. This song is a symbol of all the things we could, and should, do when there was no corona yet. I hope that making this kind of discovery again will be possible in 2021.”

Jacques Bettelheim jumps up when he hears the first beats of She’s not there from Santana or Child in time from Deep Purple. “But for our Omnicom PR Groove playlist I’ve selected a song with an intro that makes me move instantly: ‘Fire’ from The Pointer Sisters.”


But a song doesn’t necessarily need a good story, says Mark van Gemeren. “Having an up-tempo song is almost as important,” says our uncrowned music king who swears by ‘Cleopatra’ by The Lumineers. Lizzy Duivesteijn tips Coldplay’s “energetic and motivating” ‘Sky Full Of Stars’. Just like Lorainne Antersijn goes crazy for ‘Dancing on the ceiling’ by Lionel Richie.

Juriaan Vergouw is especially hoping for a carefree 2021, and with more movement. “We’ve been inside so much these days and to counter that I run. And that requires the perfect music and playlist. Of course, ‘Fire’ by Ytram & Elderbrook, co-produced by Martin Garrix, should not be missed.”

Swing & sway

What song do I pick myself? Call me old-fashioned, but I’m going for Dean Martin’s ‘Sway’. With the hope that in 2021 we can ‘swing and sway’ even more often with each other, but then just a tad closer than we can now. Old school, but what’s wrong with that?

‘When Marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more’

Listen to the entire Omnicom PR Groove here on Spotify.