Digital communications in times of corona

May 1, 2020


COVID-19 has dramatically impacted our work and personal lives and rapidly altered the communications sphere. We’re navigating new pathways daily with a rapid shift to digital platforms becoming a necessity to sustain and engage with target audiences and maintain business as usual wherever possible. Managing this disruption requires organizations to swiftly move to a virtual model of communications in order to sustain a meaningful cadence of momentum across marketing and communications.

Strategic considerations

On a business level, critical considerations include: how important is the event or activation to your business? Will any of your stakeholders be negatively affected if you do not host or participate in the event? Could this jeopardize your business relationship? Two factors to help inform your decision making are:

  • Keep it centered on stakeholders – it’s critical to understand the diverse, and sometimes conflicting, needs and concerns of your key stakeholders. Will they still benefit from the program converting onto a digital platform?
  • Align with your values – values are a critical element of decision making, particularly in a crisis. Operate with purpose; demonstrate both empathy and accountability and acknowledge the need to sustain activity and events, albeit in a virtual world.

Download the OPRG Digital Playbook for more tips, tricks and inspiration

OPRG has been helping clients navigate this rapidly changing landscape, particularly as concerns from employees and customers increase. Whether these are major conferences of 10,000+ participants or small media events with less than 50 guests, we are providing actionable and practical insights to help our clients adopt new methods and platforms in a virtual environment. That way, we’re helping them drive audience engagement. In the free-to-download Digital Playbook, you will find the following:

  • Tips for hosting an online presentation
  • A step-by-step guide to digital engagement with inspiration for:
    • Campaign Launch
    • Product Review Program
    • Familiarization Tour
    • Influencer Event
    • Experiential Event
    • How to drive greater effectiveness of social channels
  • Best-practice examples of virtual platforms

OPRG Digital Playbook