Rule the game

Bringing Dutch parents into the realm of their children’s gaming world


Parents want to know what their kids are doing, especially online. The game industry believes it is their responsibility to help parents in this matter.

We’ve seen it before, the informative ‘responsible gaming campaigns.’ We steered away from negative framing and instead chose a fun, playful and lighthearted strategic approach.

A fresh look to responsible gaming was needed without compromising the answers to parent’s questions about the gaming world.


We engineered the website Teaming up with professional gamer Mathijs Stals, along with Dutch actress and mother Tanja Jess, and her teenage sons.

The campaign was a fresh take on the games of the eighties, which are familiar to the parents we wanted to reach. We provided parents with answers and practical tips about their children’s gaming activity.

We focused on news, lifestyle and social media. Establishing an outreach that asked knowledge institutes, partners and politicians to think with us about the content of the campaign.


The result was a media genic campaign that created a “big bang” but was still buzzing weeks afterward.

The campaign brought parents into the realm of their children’s gaming world, while doing so in a playful manner that was fun for the entire family.

Together in collaboration with knowledge institutes and partners, we established an integrated approach that put the topic of gaming teenagers on the agenda in the Netherlands.


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