Authenticity Gap Research

Why is it so often that what we see and hear from brands, businesses and people jars with what we might feel, experience and believe? They have an authenticity problem.

Omnicom PR Group has been studying authenticity since 2014 when we first set out to explore the alignment between consumer expectation and experiences: what we like to call the ‘Authenticity Gap.’

The Authenticity Gap measures the gap between consumer expectations and their actual experience of a company or brand using the Nine Drivers of Authenticity that shape consumer perceptions and beliefs.


Omnicom PR Group conducted the Authenticity Gap research in 2014, 2018 and in 2021 in the Netherlands.

What can you learn? The Authenticity Gap research allows companies to judge how authentic they are, where they fall short and how they compare to their sector peers. This report also provides unique insights into the emerging opportunities and threats facing some of the world’s most familiar companies and brands — and, crucially, what consumers expect business leaders to do about them.

The Authenticity Gap study is developed by FleishmanHillard, one of our networks.

If you are interested in the latest report please download it for free.


For questions about the research please contact:

Marjolein Rigter, Lead Reputation Management at Omnicom PR Group: [email protected]

Juriaan Vergouw, Lead Research & Analytics at Omnicom PR Group: [email protected]