Omnicom PR Group big winner Sabre Awards

June 17, 2021


Last week we received great news from London: during the presentation of the Sabre Awards, the nomination for our fair meat price campaign (TAPP) was converted into an award and the nomination for into a Certificate of Excellence.

This made us the Dutch agency awarded with the most prizes.

The case for the TAPP coalition was awarded in the Public Affairs category. The aim of the campaign was to convince politicians to include a fair meat price in their election plans. The strategic choice was not to start with a classic political lobby, but to turn it around: first mobilize support among the Dutch citizens and use that media pressure to change The Hague’s mind.

The result was overwhelming: the Minister of Finance calculated TAPP’s plans and sent a letter of recommendation to parliament. The fair meat price advocated by TAPP subsequently ended up on the political agenda and in numerous election plans.

“We are delighted to have won the prestigious international Sabre Award for best Public Affairs campaign in 2021 in Europe, Middle East and Africa with our fair meat prize campaign! Our proposal shows that everyone in the Netherlands wins if a fair meat price is used to financially support farmers to become more sustainable, to lower the price of fruit and vegetables and to compensate low incomes. In this smart way of pricing, 63% of the Dutch supports this plan for a higher, fair price for meat. This plan will undoubtedly be included in the next coalition agreement. From various sides, TAPP Coalition was advised to ask Omnicom PR Group as public affairs and communication partner – that was indeed a golden decision.”

Jeroom Remmers, Director of the winning True Animal Protein Price Coalition (TAPP Coalition)

The Certificate of Excellence for has been awarded in the category Best use of illustrations + Photography. The photos were part of a campaign that mobilized aid for vulnerable groups during COVID-19. The photography was distinguished by a documentary approach, which depicts ordinary, everyday reality in its purest and honest form. The starting point was not to use models but people who really needed help. Their world was shown unadorned, in which the interior – and the isolated position they occupy in it – enhanced the photographic effect. In this way ordinary, everyday life was portrayed in an extremely vulnerable way.

We are proud that our cases have received recognition of our international colleagues at the Sabre Awards.

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