Omnicom PR Group NL, FCB and Mastercard awarded for best in Brand Relationship

December 13, 2021

Congratulations to our client Mastercard! The campaign ‘True Name’ with FCB Amsterdam has been awarded with a European Excellence Award 2021 for best in Brand Relationship. We are proud to be recognized alongside our client Mastercard for this great achievement. The objectives of the campaign were to position Mastercard as an active LGBTQIA+ ally and leader in financial inclusion, to create awareness for True Name, and to broaden consumer understanding of transgender and non-binary people. The outcome is just as rewarding as being awarded! With more than 74 million publications  in free publicity and 9 million reach on social media, the campaign demonstrated significant success, achieving its core objective of raising awareness to broaden consumer understanding of the transgender and non-binary community.

Read more about the campaign here.