FleishmanHillard and Omnicom PR Group Extend Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Offering Across Europe

September 9, 2021


Agency Rolls Out True MOSAIC to 15 FleishmanHillard and OPRG Offices to Further DE&I Consulting Reach

Amsterdam, September 8, 2021 – FleishmanHillard and Omnicom PR Group (OPRG) today announced the continued focus and investment in bringing leading DE&I expertise across Europe with the launch of True MOSAIC across 15 markets, further advancing the agencies global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy and supporting its ambition to become the most inclusive agency in the world.

Since launching the True MOSAIC practice in 2020, FleishmanHillard has rapidly expanded its DE&I offering across all regions, including the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. The emphasis is on supporting the growth of FleishmanHillard’s DE&I expertise on a global scale, strengthened in each region with deep local knowledge and distinctive cultural fluency. 

“Global integration of our DE&I efforts is at the core of our vision and our belief that communications can be a strategic catalyst for creating equity and inclusion,” said Adrianne C. Smith, FleishmanHillard’s chief diversity and inclusion officer. “To support that vision, we’re delighted to bring together the many FleishmanHillard and OPRG DE&I practitioners across Europe to provide locally relevant strategic counsel, supported by the proven experience and consulting model of FleishmanHillard’s True MOSAIC practice.” 

The unification of the FleishmanHillard and OPRG DE&I expertise in Europe brings together a well-resourced talent pool and a high level of experience in helping clients navigate their communications – forging new and reimagined standards, ideas, values and ways of exploring diversity and inclusion solutions. 

The galvanized DE&I consulting team in Europe includes 15 key markets: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Rome, Valencia and Warsaw, with teams of experienced DE&I practitioners in every market. More countries are being formally added as the offering expands further throughout Europe.

Coupled with customized DE&I counsel, True MOSIAC offers tools to help guide a client’s DE&I journey and measure their progress. They include:

  • DE&IQ. A proprietary diagnostic tool created to help organizations assess public perception of their DE&I actions to better strengthen their positions and map meaningful plans of action. The framework assesses an organization’s reputation across five pillars related to DE&I and is designed to give organizations a clear diagnostic about how their actions and communications are resonating in the market and relative to their competitors. 
  • TRUE Self x True MOSAIC. A strategic workshop that combines FleishmanHillard’s best-in-class corporate positioning methodology with the expert counsel of its dedicated DE&I counselors. The collaboration is designed to help clients bring their most important stakeholders and decision makers together to align how they engage on DE&I – where they’ve been, how committed they are to their values and what they do next.
  • Decision Tree. Responding to the complex DE&I landscape requires a delicate balance that is nuanced and individualized to each organization. When reputation is on the line, this process helps organizations know when and how to engage on issues and societal events, arriving at a place of action and communication.
  • Inclusive Language Guide and Workshop. Beginning with a constructive conversation might sound simple, but the language we use can either be inviting or polarizing. The True MOSAIC Inclusive Language Guide and Workshop is a first step to help corporate leaders and organizations communicate consciously by educating them on the power of words.

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