No boundaries

Ketchum logo

Ketchum is a global communications consultancy built on an individualized scale. A trusted partner that is equal parts creative and analytical, that is generous with clients and selfish on their behalf, and that has rejected the limiting boundaries that divide and diminish.

Engaging stakeholders

Ketchum builds brands and reputations for clients. Their colleagues start conversations, build communities and engage stakeholders—and have a lot of fun doing it. Together, they inspire and empower their people to think about products, companies, issues and challenges in a different way. And they’re just crazy enough to think they can impact the world – and how it responds to ideas – through communication.

Shattering expectations

Colleagues at Ketchum are convinced that great ideas shatter expectations, change thinking and build brands. They call this breakthrough, and it’s our mission to deliver it. By listening, cultivating diverse perspectives and rewarding fearless creativity, they’ve developed a culture of breakthrough.

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